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Meter Changeout Program continues

SEC is continuing its rollout of its 3rd generation meter changeouts and we anticipate completing this program by the end of 2019.  For the final phase of this program, we are installing these new meters in the City of Socorro, San Antonio, Luis Lopez, Lemitar, and the areas surrounding Pie Town, Quemado, and Fence Lake.

We appreciate our Member’s cooperation in assisting SEC to replace new meters which use the same technology as the old meters with these new meter change out’s it is our desire to be as considerate as possible to property owners.

If we happen to change our meter when you are not at home, an orange door hanger will be placed on your front door informing you that we were there.  If we do not have access to our meter, we will leave a door hanger asking you to contact your SEC to schedule a time for us to come out and change the meter. 

Please call us at 1-800-351-7575, extension 3000, to schedule an appointment to change your meter or, to let us know a good time for us to access to your property.